Technical texts: Industrial Engineering, Automotive, Machinery & Tools, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Power Plants, Life Sciences, IT, Architecture, Construction, Home Appliances, Aeronautics, Electronics, Petrol Dispensers, etc



The following are my fields of specialization, thus I can only accept work within these categories:


    Computing: Software, manuals, scripts, help files, games, datasheet, Routers, IP Traffic, etc.


    International Relations: International Politics, Global Affairs, Political Sciences essays, Articles,  International Analysis, UN Reports, Interviews. Immigration Studies and Statistics, etc.


    International Business:  Economic and financial statements, analysis of the stock market, information booklets, marketing reports, commercial correspondence, Human Resources, Employee Handbooks, Company Brochures, Memos, Safety Procedure Manuals, Insurance Benefits and Claims Documentation, Credit Application, Newsletters, Memos, Proposals, Summaries, Presentations, Confidentiality Agreements, etc.


    Website translations: Links to past projects available upon request.


     Other: Tourism brochures, Menus, Literature, Letters, Ads, Theatre and Culture in general.

     DELIVERY-   Any format you might need: E-mail. Fax, Paper or Diskette, CD-ROM, FTP,

                                                        (By registered post/courier)

 I always deliver on time